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Museum Hack is a team of renegade tour guides and experience consultants that create non-traditional, highly interactive, intimate museum experiences.  We work with museums around the world to develop programs that engage and retain new audiences and donors.  We approach collections with a well-researched, fact-based “reverent irreverence” to reveal the amazing stories in museums and fight “museum fatigue” through storytelling, photo challenges, and engaging activities.  We also develop programs customized to the needs of audiences, to ensure that each and every one of our guests actively participates in the creation and meaning of their museum experience.

We are passionate about creating informing and engaging museum experiences as well as being a dedicated resource for everyone because we truly believe that museums are f***ing awesome.

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Postal mail can be sent to:  Museum Hack c/o Nick Gray,  27 West 10th St #5, NY NY 10011

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