Status:  Full-time; exempt

Responsibilities:  Under the general direction of the Sales & Business Development Manager, the Retail Store Manager is responsible for the overall operations of CDM’s retail sites which currently include CDM’s on site store and CDM’s web site retail.  Responsibilities include merchandising, staffinf, on-site physical space (look and feel), and product development.  The retail manager influences strategy has ability to make autonomous decision within framwork of established goals and objectives.

Job Duties: 

  • Oversee development and maintenance of retail sites that complement and extend the Museum educational philosophy and exhibits’ contents;
  • Meet with Sales representatives and purchase all merchandise on an open-to-buy plan;
  • Research new merchandise sources and products;
  • Maintain overall store mark-up by setting retail pricing structure and constant surveillance of inventory;
  • Develop annual store budget and strategies to achieve the retail store goals;
  • Provide monthly and annual financial reports as required;
  • Oversee shipping and receiving of all merchandise;
  • Interview, hire and train all store employees; supervise and train store supervisor;
  • Promote store and product through special events and publications;
  • Attend trade shows to review new products and vendors;
  • Monitor written visitor service comments and concerns and respond as necessary;
  • Conducts all aspects related to annual store inventory, including research and resolving any and all discrepancies;
  • Participate in retail software selection; plays major role in implementation and training of any new software installation (Retail Pro and Altru);
  • Produces all the retail store graphic needs;
  • Attends weekly Manager meetings;


Any combination of education or experience providing the required knowledge and skills is qualifying.  Minimum employment standards are:

  • Bachelor’s degree;
  • Five years experience in business administration, merchandising, or related field;
  • Two or more years of management level and supervisory experience;
  • Basic accounting, record keeping, and computer skills;
  • Proven organizational, planning, and project management skills; and
  • Excellent communication skills – verbal and written;
  • Comfortable in working with Excel, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Word software

About Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose

Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose strives to be a community anchor that helps to build awareness and understanding among people of diverse ages, backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, socioeconomic situations, religions, abilities and family configurations.  We believe that our community wants the best for its children, and it is our goal to create opportunities for today's children to become tomorrow's visionaries.

In our role as a community anchor, we embrace the following ideals:

  • Everyone feels welcome, included and well-represented at our Museum.
  • We are a positive reflection of our community.
  • Culture is more than ethnicity; it is a set of values, beliefs, traditions and experiences.  Each person's cultural heritage is different, and we can all find and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures.
  • We value the experiences that our visitors, staff and volunteers bring to the table, and incorporate their insights in our programs, exhibits and operations.
  • It is our responsibility to offer unique opportunities for lifelong learning that build global awareness, allowing people to explore and understand their cultural differences and similarities.
  • Cultures themselves evolve and grow and we endeavor to do the same.