Overview of Department: The curatorial department is charged with overseeing the care, study, growth and presentation of the permanent collection, which numbers over 4000 works. In addition, curators plan and execute special exhibitions, large and small, that feature loaned works from US and international collections. Curators collaborate with other institutions as well as with other departments of the museum on programming, donor cultivation, development, and educational initiatives.


Internship Project: The Phillips Collection is co-organizing with the Art Gallery of Ontario a multidisciplinary exhibition (Rediscovering Picasso: Paris/Barcelona and the Blue Period) for 2020 that is devoted to a reassessment of Pablo Picasso’s Blue Period (1901-1904). The exhibition relies on new information gleaned from advanced technical conservation studies undertaken by each museum on the three major Blue Period paintings in their respective collections, The Blue Room (Paris, 1901; The Phillips Collection); La Miséreuse accroupie (Barcelona, 1902; Art Gallery of Ontario) and La Soupe (Barcelona, 1902-03; Art Gallery of Ontario).


The intern would be responsible for putting together a chronology of the years 1899-1906 related to Picasso (activities and works), and also artistic and cultural activities occurring during those years in Paris and Barcelona deemed pertinent to Picasso and his circle of friends. It will require reviewing information from already published chronologies, synthesizing and compiling that material into a year by year diary of events that is accurate. The intern will create a document that provides a basic structure of events related to artistic interactions, exhibitions, cross-disciplinary exchanges, and major external events important to the context of the exhibition project. Chronologies provide opportunities to delve into the literature and craft a framework for understanding the details of a project from smaller to larger, from the inside to the outside. The need for accuracy and spotting inconsistencies in the published record is paramount. The goal is to produce an accurate document that is informative and publishable in the exhibition catalogue.


Projected Learning Outcomes:

  • Improve art historical research, communication, and critical thinking skills
  • Gain insight and firsthand experience in curatorial practice
  • Learn how to tailor academic art historical research methods to an exhibition context
  • Develop familiarity with inner workings of a mid-size art museum
  • Learn the process of creating an accurate and informative chronology – one of the essential activities associated with any exhibition project and a seminal tool for curatorial and general understanding of a subject.


  • Assisting with day-to-day curatorial and/or museum administration operations
  • Assisting with planning and research for special exhibitions and installations
  • Conducting research and reviewing information from already published chronologies to synthesize and compile that material into a year-by-year diary of events that is accurate
  • Completing data entry
  • Assembling proposals and funding notebooks
  • Organizing curatorial and other departmental files
  • Drafting letters
  • Assisting at evening events such as Phillips after 5 and other community events as needed
  • Performing other duties as assigned


  • Bachelor’s degree in art history
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • French reading proficiency
  • Strong organizational and computer abilities
  • Ability to work well with others


Please submit a résumé, cover letter, writing sample of research paper with citations (250-750 words), FAFSA report (if eligible), two letters of recommendation, and complete transcripts. If at all possible, we prefer to receive the letters of recommendation together with the rest of your materials. If a recommender insists that the letter of recommendation remain confidential, please ask him/her to send the letter to internships@phillipscollection.org with your name in the subject line and the internship(s) you are applying to in the body of the email.