Museum Educators are motivated, outgoing, and creative individuals, who, through teaching and customer service skills, provide an exceptional visitor experience to all children and caregivers. Educators use play, experimentation, and developmentally appropriate facilitation practices to enhance the museum experience, all while learning skills and best practices to succeed in the education, museum, and informal education space.
Museum educators will spend their time facilitating programming and staffing exhibit spaces, welcoming and orienting visitors, and supporting educational initiatives as needed. Permanent part-time positions are available immediately. Seasonal part-time and full-time positions are available beginning in late May.
Starting pay for Museum Educators is $15.00 per hour. Seasonal positions are not eligible for employee benefits.
Museum Educators are:

  • Caring. Educators honestly and authentically care about the children, caregivers, and families that visit the museum. From first time visitors to regular members, every visitor’s experience is important.
  • Creative Problem Solvers. Educators love to make things, and they love to experiment with new and novel tools and techniques. Educators approach every challenge with vigor and take pride in solving problems.
  • Diverse. Museum Educators are a group of roughly 15 individuals from different backgrounds, with diverse levels of education and myriad interests.
  • Curious. Educators love to learn. They are lifelong learners, and take every opportunity to grow from interactions with each other, with other museum staff, and with museum visitors.

The ideal candidate is:

  • Interested in working with children and their caregivers. You are enthusiastic about the museum’s target audience of children aged 0-10 and their caregivers.
  • Outgoing. You enjoy people and conversation.
  • Playful. Creative thinking, exploration, experimentation, and play are part of your personality and are part of what you are looking for in your next job.
  • Welcoming. You welcome everyone to your space with a smile.
  • Motivated. You seek out new challenges and think of new and exciting ways to engage visitors of all ages.
  • Curious about working in museums or STEM education. You are looking for an entry level position that offers training and experience in the education and/or museum field.
  • Flexible. You are open-minded and excited by change, because every day is different at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. You are available to work at least one day each weekend.

The Bay Area Discovery Museum values:

  • Creative problem solving. We believe in the importance of flexibility, persistence, hard work, and thoughtful, intentional effort in tackling challenges and finding solutions.
  • Collaboration. We feel working with others is critical for success, seek a diversity of perspectives and ideas, and strive to be inclusive and transparent in our work.
  • Respect and integrity. We believe in being collegial, being friendly and supportive, being authentic in our relationships, and being true to your word.
  • Learning and reflection for continuous improvement. It is important to evaluate our efforts so we may improve upon our work, seek out evidence in support of our decisions, and take calculated risks that help us achieve our objectives.
  • Drive towards results. We value taking initiative, getting work done, delivering results, and following through on commitments.

Due to the sensitivity and requirements of our positions, you should expect to undergo and be cleared of an employment background/criminal check, if extended an offer for employment. You may also be asked to provide proof of educational degree(s), licenses or credentials pertinent to the position.