Under the direction of the Director of Operations and Education, the STEAM Educator will develop and teach Discovery Gateway STEAM programming. Utilizing the current Discovery Gateway fiscal year annual plan as a guide, the STEAM Educator will create an innovative children’s (family oriented) STEAM programs for museum visitors to explore and develop their own inquiries.

STEAM programming will provide inquiry based experiments and experiences that encourage curiosity and exploration of the sciences, as well as the creative, artistic and cultural elements of the arts. The STEAM Educator will act as an expert in the field of science.

Define and implement family oriented STEAM experiences where content, development of skills, techniques, and STEAM learning are an integral part of the educational experience. Experiences will take place on the museum floor utilizing the Studio Gallery as a link to workshop experiences. Ensure environments are clean, organized and materials are kept in good repair.

  • Actively participate in all Educational Program planning and department meetings.
  • Work closely with Development and Marketing on future and current grants and promotions including grant evaluation.
  • Collaborate with Development on programmatic sections of grant potential applications and evaluations upon completion of grants.
  • Keep accurate records including; samples of work, photographs, evaluation data, and attendance. This data is to be reported once a week.
  • Collaborate with other departments on STEAM related exhibits, under the direction of the Director of Operations and Education, including teaching STEAM related workshops in connection with exhibits as assigned.
  • Work with Development on grant submission and fulfillment including end of grant period grant evaluation.
  • Work with Marketing to schedule and advertise STEAM programming to increase awareness of the impact that high level STEAM experiences can have on a child’s comfort level with STEAM. May include preparing demonstrations for live TV presentations.

Planning and Execution:

  • Develop and execute innovative inquiry based STEAM experiences that align with the Discovery Gateway mission.
  • Add all STEAM information to the master reservations calendar five days prior to the start of the new month.
  • Post current calendars and signage at the information Desk and workshops spaces weekly and ensure all special signage is created and posted.
  • Actively participate in and contribute to all Education meetings and Discovery Gateway special events as assigned by the Director of Operations and Education.
  • Photo document most STEAM workshops and experiences.
  • Prepare and have available, if possible and appropriate, samples of experiences on display at the Information Desk.
  • Professionally articulate the educational value of STEAM programming and how it supports the DG Mission and will increase participants’ knowledge of STEAM at daily ops meetings.


  • Manage the on-site STEAM education budget, meeting all revenue goals.
  • Manage current grants, fulfilling STEAM programs funded through grants.
  • Submitting all invoices, receipts with accompanying paperwork to accounting as required.

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: $12.00 /hour


  • Bachelor’s