There are actually MANY different roles that fall under the term “Museum Educator,” such as, Director or Chair of Education, Director of Public Programs, Curator of Education, Education and Interpretation Supervisor, Education Assistant, etc.

We like to think of museum educators as the pioneers of the museum world, working hard to share their museum’s unique collections and stories with the world by creating engaging and educational programs for visitors of all backgrounds and ages.

Museum Educator Job Description

Museum educators are responsible for developing and carrying out all of the museum’s various education and public programs, e.g., lectures, family, community and school programs, etc.

Educators are also sometimes in charge of their institution’s community outreach programs and writing curriculum around their museum’s collection.

Check out this job description for a Museum Educator at the University of California Berkeley:

This position involves planning and presenting educational programs that enhance public understanding of STEM subject areas. Contributes to educational research efforts, and assists in the development and production of written educational materials. Develops and presents gallery talks, lectures, seminars, symposia, and other educational programs. May coordinate volunteers and/or docents.


  • Present high-quality STEM education programming and effectively manages instructional materials under general supervision.
  • Under general supervision, develops instructional materials and activities.
  • Contribute to the establishment and maintenance of effective partnerships.
  • Document program evaluations and makes recommendations for improvements in a timely manner.
  • Effectively executes some administrative responsibilities related to STEM education programs..
  • Effectively applies basic organizational and problem-solving skills.

Museum Educator Salary

Most museum educator salaries fall in a range between $20,000 – $48,000 per year. Of course, it depends on the educator’s level of experience, responsibilities, job title, the size of the museum, and the type of museum.

Here are some examples of salaries from past museum educator jobs on

  • Museum Educator at the University of California Berkeley
    • $19.73/hour
  • Education Director at the Imagine Museum in Florida
    • $45,000-$65,000/year
  • Mary Ann MacLean Educator at the Illinois State Museum Society
    • $36,500/year

Museum Educator Education Requirements

To become a museum educator, you typically need a degree in something similar to education, museum studies, or public history, and LOTS of previous work experience in the education field.

Some institutions with a particular focus, such as science, natural history, or art, may require a degree specifically related to their collection.

Most museum educator jobs do not require more than an undergraduate degree, however, having a Masters or Ph.D. can put you ahead when looking for higher salaried and titled positions.

Check out these awesome schools for museum educators and related programs:

Other Information

Museum education is a great route for those that have always wanted to teach but aren’t sure that the classic classroom setting is the right fit for them.

As a museum educator, you will have the opportunity to work with, educate, and learn from a range of ages and groups, use real artifacts and works of art, and transform the museum into a welcoming space for growth, education and inspiration.