Museum Job Spotlight: Bregt Brosens

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Bregt Brosens


The name of my museum is… Sportimonium

My name is… Bregt Brosens

My job title is… Scientific Collaborator

This job title means that I mainly work on…

Sportimonium is the Belgian sports museum, internationally recognized as an Olympic Museum by the IOC. Sportimonium is building a selective but representative collection that attests to the sports and movement culture in Flanders in its broader (inter)national, historical and socio-cultural context and to traditional games culture worldwide.

Give us a quick overview of your department/museum.

Sportimonium seeks to be the national hub and knowledge center for the safeguard and promotion of the cultural heritage of the sports and movement cultures, with particular focus on games diversity on a Flemish, national and international level. This objective is guided by public focus and social engagement. This is important because sports are a social phenomenon and holds up a mirror for society.


What advice would you give to the aspiring museum professional?

I would advise aspiring museum professionals to take their time, testing out several museum settings and gaining a certain level of experience by doing internships in different types of museums and in several positions/functions.

How did you find your way into the museum industry?

By doing internships and volunteering in museums at home and abroad.


Thanks, Bregt!


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