Museum Job Spotlight: Jared Crellin

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Jared Crellin Interview

Jared Crellin, Account Manager at Eriksen Translation (language translations for museums)

What would surprise people about my job is…. ?

The variety of projects I work on would surprise most people. I work on audio and video recordings to brochures and signage.

The one thing on my resume that makes me unique is….
I’ve worked in museums for 18 years without ever being directly employed by a museum. Instead, all of my jobs have been for companies that are hired by museums.
The interview question and answer that I rock is…
Q: What do you think is the newest technology that the museum should embrace?
A: There is no single answer for this, as the technology is only as good as the goal of any program or the stories that you have to tell. You need to start answering those questions first and then find the technology solution that best fits that purpose. Do not put technology before the messaging.
My biggest accomplishment in my museum job is…
Helping museums get information and interpretation to their guests in different styles and the languages they speak.


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