Marie E. Wilson, Education Specialist: Museum Job Spotlight

My name is… Marie E. Wilson
The name of my museum is… McWane Science Center
My job title is… Education Specialist

What’s your day to day like? What are your main responsibilities?

I teach field trip programs inside the museum and outreach programs outside the museum during the school year. I teach camps during the summer. I also help develop the program curricula that we teach. Occasionally I develop and implement programs for public groups on special theme days.

What is your absolute favorite part of your job? ?

I love working with kids to see the excitement on their faces when they are truly enjoying learning about a new science concept. I used to be a traditional classroom teacher so the difference in how happy the kids are at the museum versus how…well…not exactly excited they were to be at school is so invigorating! I finally get to be in a position where I can actually spread my passion for science to the next generation!

What advice would you give someone that wants to work in your profession?

Stick it out. Even if you have to start at the lowest rung on the ladder, be patient and work until you get to where you want to be. It took me two years to achieve a full-time position and it is actually my 4th position at the museum, but the rewards have been well worth the wait!

What is the best part about working in the museum industry? ??

Being in a space that celebrates science every day and where kids and adults alike love to visit. It’s a place people want to be and that makes doing the job so much fun!

What part of your job is the most surprising?

The seasonal changes were a surprise to me when I first started. How August and September are super slow all day, but June and July are super busy all day. And then October through May are super busy until about 2:30 when all the field trips start heading home. It really diversifies the year but also takes a bit of getting used to.


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