Museum Job Spotlight: Sergio Manuel Rivera

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My name is… Sergio Manuel Rivera
The name of my museum is… MIDE, Museo Interactivo de Economía
My job title is… Chief Communications Officer

What do you mostly work on?

Designing and operating strategies to communicate the museum’s value to different targets.

What specific skills enable you to succeed in your job?

Marketing, organizational communications, IT, and a lot of talent in teamwork. Also, a special sensibility to meet your audience’s needs.


What is the best advice you ever received from a museum professional?

Always consider your visitor. Always consider you are talking to a person like you: with needs, problems, a unique background and sense of humor. Enjoy your work, then your public will enjoy your museum.

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What advice would you give to the aspiring museum professional?

Communication within museums is not an easy job but it is an exciting job. Always consider your museum mission and the main messages you want to share with your target audiences. Be respectful to the public: people will always love a brand that makes them feel respected and considered.

What is your earliest memory of being in a museum?

The first time I stood in front of a mammoth skeleton: that was the first time I considered myself an important part of our world. Because I had the opportunity to see something that my friends had never seen and I was able to communicate my experience to them.

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How did you find your way into the museum industry?

I started working on a project involving public communication of Mexico City’s Heritage. But the most important thing is that I fell in love with a person that showed me the wonderful world of museums. I am not in love with that person anymore, but I am still in love with museums.


Please give a quick overview of your department/museum.

We have a strong commitment to market our museum in different platforms and media. Since we have a small budget, we work very hard to obtain media attention, publicity sponsorship and stakeholders support. We also work to enforce organizational identity and sense of belonging withing our collaborators. Media relations, social media, advertising, and promotion are our main activities.

What’s your favorite object or piece of art in your museum and why?

We have an installation that explains how we produce everything we need: social organization, natural resources, money to invest, research, creativity – and overall, people making great decisions.


What is a story that most people don’t know about your museum or its collection?

That our building was originally a monastery and a hospital. It was built in the 18th century.

What inspires you about your museum’s mission?

Our mission guides my job and gives direction to my personal commitment to society. I am lucky to have a job within an organization that promotes better decision making for a better future for humankind.

Thanks, Sergio!