Sloane King Owen, Visitor Engagement Associate: Museum Job Spotlight

My name is… Sloane King Owen
The name of my museum is… Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland
My job title is… Visitor Engagement Associate

What’s your day to day like? What are your main responsibilities?

I check visitors in, sell memberships, answer questions about the galleries and the building architecture. I answer the phones and work on projects for the education department like public programming activities and exhibition research for the upcoming seasons. I’m a full-time ambassador for how great the museum is!

What is your absolute favorite part of your job? ?

Learning new things every day and being surrounded by beautiful things and experiences

What advice would you give someone that wants to work in your profession?

Keep your passion for the work alive.

What is the best part about working in the museum industry? ??

The cheese plate leftovers after swanky parties; free access to area museums; creative freedom

What part of your job is the most surprising?

The things visitors share with me! Contemporary art is more challenging, more representative, and more emotionally charged than people are prepared for sometimes. I’m always delighted and intrigued by the things visitors share with me about their interactions with the art and how it changes their perspectives.


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