Updates from the Museum.Jobs team!

We’ve been working hard to make Museum.Jobs the best resource for the best museum jobs.

Our posts are only for museums and related cultural institutions, to provide a free resource and access to Museum Hack’s network of museum professionals.

But there is a room to grow in the museum world, particularly when it comes to the job market. We believe there needs to be more transparency for job seekers, and a responsibility on employers to fairly advertise their openings.

Because of this, from this point forward we’ll only be accepting and posting job posts that must:

  • List a salary or range. “Commensurate Upon Experience” or “Open To Negotiation” will not be accepted.
  • List years of experience required.

We’ll also be bringing back our highlights in the field, and including EMPs to showcase their accomplishments, like an ongoing poster session to highlight cool new research from the field.

Museum.Jobs is also no longer just showcasing awesome jobs from the US, but now including Canada and the UK.

We want to strive to help Emerging Museum Professionals and career switchers with a great resource – let us know what you would love to see by emailing julia@museumhack.com.


In Museums We Trust,

The Museum.Jobs & Museum Hack Team


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