Scott S. Lawski, Membership Coordinator: Museum Job Spotlight

My name is… Scott S. Lawski
The name of my museum is… Wexner Center for the Arts
My job title is… Membership Coordinator


What’s your day to day like? What are your main responsibilities?

Lots and lots of meetings, data analysis and patron interaction (along with copious amounts of coffee consumption). I manage our General Members and make sure that their issues are resolved and that they are kept happy. I find ways to increase membership (both the levels of patronage as well as acquisition of new members), I attend member events to mingle and socialize, and I oversee the management of membership funds and donations.

What is your absolute favorite part of your job? ?

That people want to come here! I’ve been in the military, medicine, and social work fields. None of those fields are desired parts of anyone’s day. Now, people are happy and eager to come to my place of work!

What advice would you give someone that wants to work in your profession?

Put in the grunt time. It seems to me, as a recent addition to the world of art, that everyone wants to work in places such as ours, and if you’ve gotten your name out there through volunteer/docent/usher/intern work, you’re more likely to get in. Bust your ass, work hard, make a good impression and apply, apply, apply! Don’t let one rejection sour your opinions; persistence can be key!

What is the best part about working in the museum industry? ??

The overall culture, and the people with whom you’ll work as well as the patrons that keep us going.

What part of your job is the most surprising?

How much fun it can be, even when crunching numbers on endless data-sheets.


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